Hand Me The Thing & “Let There Be…”

In the traditional sense of the word “creativity” covers painting, photography, music, sculpting and other things people wearing hemp love to do. Well, whoever you are I promise you you have your thing. It might be baking delicious cupcakes or creating incredible spreadsheets with graphs and “what if” statements! All of us have some sort of creative gifting and when paired to the application of that gifting we experience a strong sense of satisfaction.

Apart from application of your specific gifting you will have also encountered that sense of accomplishment in other things. For example, have you ever attempted the near impossible task of assembling a chair bought at Mr. Price? You always end up with at least three broken nails, a bruised ankle and slightly suspect neighbours but, in the end, you stand back and admire the chair and the way in which, by your handiwork, a collection of random kitchen utensils turned two cushions into a fully adjustable executive chair.

Ever wondered why we love this process of creation?

Have another look at the way which God created the earth (taken from The Holiness of God, R.C. Sproul):

The act of creation was the first event in history.  It also was the most dazzling.  The Supreme Architect gazed at His complex blueprint and shouted commands for the boundaries of the world to be set.  He spoke, and the seas were shut behind doors and the clouds were filled with dew.

He bound the Pleiades and buckled the belt of Orion. He spoke again and the earth began to fill with orchards in full blood.  Blossoms burst forth like springtime in Mississippi.  The lavender hues of plum trees danced with the brilliances of azaleas and forsythia.

God spoke once more, and the waters teemed with living things.  The snail sneaked beneath the shadowy form of the stingray while the great marlin broke the surface of the water to promenade on the waves with his tail.  Again He spoke, and the roar of the lion was heard and the bleating of sheep.  Four-footed anumals, eight-legged spiders, and winged insects appearted. 

And God said, ‘That’s good!’

God then made us, the imitators:

Then God stooped to earth and carefully fashioned a piece of clay. He lifted it gently to His lips and breathed into it. The clay began to move. It began to think. It began to feel. It began to worship. It was alive and stamped with the image of its Creator.

We were made in the image of God – an imprint if you like. Our natural tendency is to imitate our Creator. Next time you look at a painting or read a great novel or listen to beautiful music know that it is nothing more than the manifestation of the imprint of the Great Creator. Someone somewhere designed the chair you are sitting on now and he/she did nothing more than to show the tiniest reflection of that which God did at the very beginning. Look again at creation (human creation and God’s creation) and see infinite depth in the creativity of an amazing God.

Comparing Apples To Apples

Nobody ever stood at the base of the Rocky Mountains, looking up, and said, “Remember that time in high school when I could bench 300 pounds?”

– Matt Chandler

Magnificent Monotony

“Because children have abounding vitality, because they are in spirit fierce and free, therefore they want things repeated and unchanged. They always say, “Do it again”; and the grown-up person does it again until he is nearly dead. For grown-up people are not strong enough to exult in monotony. But perhaps God is strong enough to exult in monotony. It is possible that God says every morning, “Do it again” to the sun; and every evening, “Do it again” to the moon. It may not be automatic necessity that makes all daisies alike; it may be that God makes every daisy separately, but has never got tired of making them. It may be that He has the eternal appetite of infancy; for we have sinned and grown old, and our Father is younger than we.”

G.K. Chesterton (emphasis added)

‘n God of …

Martin Rees, ‘n 68 jarige astrofisikus en vorige voorsitter van Britain’s Royal Society het Woensdag die Templeton (John Templeton Foundation) prys van $1.6mil gewen. Hy het die gesogte prys gewen in erkenning van sy werk op die vraagstukke om die bestaan van die heelal en oorsprong van lewe. Rees is veral bekend as kenner op black holes en die Big Bang teorie. Die Templeton prys is ‘n godsdiens prys. Rees is nie ‘n aanhanger/volger van enige geloof nie.

Een van die moeilike vrae wat hy aangespreek het in sy tyd by die Royal Society is die oënskynlike perfekte balans van die elemente en samestelling van die fisiese sodat dit standhoudend is vir die mensdom. Volgens hom is dit opmerklik hoe sensitief die balans is en dat verandering aan enige van die sogenaamde “universal constants” ons aarde onbewoonbaar sal maak. Alles is basies perfek in balans vir ons bestaan.

In een van sy boeke, Just Six Numbers, spreek hy die onderwerp aan. Dit verskyn so in die berig:

“Rees argued that the perfect tuning was neither a mere accident nor the act of a benign creator. Instead, he said, “an infinity of other universes may well exist” where the constants are set differently. Some would be too sterile to support life, others too short-lived. Ours happens to be just right.”

En dan voeg hy by:

“”It is still a conjecture,” Rees cautioned, albeit one he said was being taken increasingly seriously.”

Opmerklik hoe oor die eeue van die mees intellektueel begaafde mense se konklusie om die vraagstuk opeindig in ‘n doodloop. Die konklusie is meeste van die tyd die bestaan van ‘n Groter Wese of ‘n parallele heelal.


Sien die berig in USA Today.

Gravitasie Aard-(Appel)

In Maart 2009 is ‘n Satelliet met die naam GOCE (Gravity field and steady-state Ocean Circulation Explorer) in die ruimte in gestuur deur die European Space Agency. GOCE het die aarde gewentel slegs 255km bo die oppervlakte en heeltyd meetings geneem van die sterkte van gravitasie reg oor die aarde.

Hierdie meetings is saamgestel en vorm die boonste illustrasie (sien ‘n video hier). Hierdie wys hoe die vorm van die aarde sou gelyk het as dit heeltemal oortrek was met water. Met ander woorde, die blou, of laer stukkies, is waar die aarde se gravitasie meer is en die rooi waar dit minder is.

So hoekom deur hierdie oefening gegaan? Wel daar is paar redes om die geld te spandeer:

  • Die verspreiding van die gravitasie kan help met die verstaan van aardbewings soos die onlangs in Japan siende dat die energie van die aardbewing vinniger voortplant in ‘n meer digte medium en met die kennis kan die oorsprong, onder andere, meer akkuraat bepaal word.
  • Verstaan die binneste struktuur & samestelling van die Aarde
  • Verstaan die see strome
  • En nog vele meer

Loer na die berig op National Geographic se website.

How Much Information Did God Store In Your DNA?

In a recent post in ScienceDaily the total amount of  of possible storage in the world (that is digital & analog) is estimated. So how does these mountains of information on every imaginable thing and what still can possibly be recorded compare to the information stored in your DNA?

“Looking at both digital memory and analog devices, the researchers calculate that humankind is able to store at least 295 exabytes of information. (Yes, that’s a number with 20 zeroes in it.)

Put another way, if a single star is a bit of information, that’s a galaxy of information for every person in the world. That’s 315 times the number of grains of sand in the world. But it’s still less than one percent of the information that is stored in all the DNA molecules of a human being.

Is Your Ability to See God Blinded?

Lift up your eyes on high, and see who has created these things . . . —Isaiah 40:26

The people of God in Isaiah’s time had blinded their minds’ ability to see God by looking on the face of idols. But Isaiah made them look up at the heavens; that is, he made them begin to use their power to think and to visualize correctly. If we are children of God, we have a tremendous treasure in nature and will realize that it is holy and sacred. We will see God reaching out to us in every wind that blows, every sunrise and sunset, every cloud in the sky, every flower that blooms, and every leaf that fades, if we will only begin to use our blinded thinking to visualize it.

The real test of spiritual focus is being able to bring your mind and thoughts under control. Is your mind focused on the face of an idol? Is the idol yourself? Is it your work? Is it your idea of what a servant should be, or maybe your experience of salvation and sanctification? If so, then your ability to see God is blinded. You will be powerless when faced with difficulties and will be forced to endure in darkness. If your power to see has been blinded, don’t look back on your own experiences, but look to God. It is God you need. Go beyond yourself and away from the faces of your idols and away from everything else that has been blinding your thinking. Wake up and accept the ridicule that Isaiah gave to his people, and deliberately turn your thoughts and your eyes to God.

One of the reasons for our sense of futility in prayer is that we have lost our power to visualize. We can no longer even imagine putting ourselves deliberately before God. It is actually more important to be broken bread and poured-out wine in the area of intercession than in our personal contact with others. The power of visualization is what God gives a saint so that he can go beyond himself and be firmly placed into relationships he never before experienced.


-Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest (10 Feb)