Howdy Neighbour!

Pretoria (like the rest of suburban SA) is dream come true for the guy who loves collecting and taking photos of fences! We fence ourselves in, lock out the bad guys and in the process we end up loosing the whole idea of having and being neighbours. We all have neighbours yet most of use wouldn’t recognize the guy living next door if he said hallo in a mall, or bit you at the raffle event. No wonder we get all weird and awkward when we bump into our neighbour, we should know them but we don’t..  On top of that – the Bible tells us that we should be good to our neighbours! When you put all this together what you could end up with is a Christian who gets all weird and radical when he bumps into the couple living in Nr 23. “Love your neighbour..” does not mean fire and brimstone talk!

So, how do you go about it? Well, Tim Gaydos wrote an excellent blog telling of how he went about with his neighbour and how the guy ended up turning to Jesus. Have a look at it: 7 Tips for Talking with Your Neighbors About Jesus. In short:

1. Find a road that leads to Jesus.

2. Donʼt be weird and awkward.

3. Be winsome.

4. Counter stereotypes and caricatures of Christians.

5. Host an open house.

6. Be honest about your struggles and failings.

7. Actions also communicate.


Love it or opposite of love it – fact is you have neighbours and they are your neighbours for a reason.