Hand Me The Thing & “Let There Be…”

In the traditional sense of the word “creativity” covers painting, photography, music, sculpting and other things people wearing hemp love to do. Well, whoever you are I promise you you have your thing. It might be baking delicious cupcakes or creating incredible spreadsheets with graphs and “what if” statements! All of us have some sort of creative gifting and when paired to the application of that gifting we experience a strong sense of satisfaction.

Apart from application of your specific gifting you will have also encountered that sense of accomplishment in other things. For example, have you ever attempted the near impossible task of assembling a chair bought at Mr. Price? You always end up with at least three broken nails, a bruised ankle and slightly suspect neighbours but, in the end, you stand back and admire the chair and the way in which, by your handiwork, a collection of random kitchen utensils turned two cushions into a fully adjustable executive chair.

Ever wondered why we love this process of creation?

Have another look at the way which God created the earth (taken from The Holiness of God, R.C. Sproul):

The act of creation was the first event in history.  It also was the most dazzling.  The Supreme Architect gazed at His complex blueprint and shouted commands for the boundaries of the world to be set.  He spoke, and the seas were shut behind doors and the clouds were filled with dew.

He bound the Pleiades and buckled the belt of Orion. He spoke again and the earth began to fill with orchards in full blood.  Blossoms burst forth like springtime in Mississippi.  The lavender hues of plum trees danced with the brilliances of azaleas and forsythia.

God spoke once more, and the waters teemed with living things.  The snail sneaked beneath the shadowy form of the stingray while the great marlin broke the surface of the water to promenade on the waves with his tail.  Again He spoke, and the roar of the lion was heard and the bleating of sheep.  Four-footed anumals, eight-legged spiders, and winged insects appearted. 

And God said, ‘That’s good!’

God then made us, the imitators:

Then God stooped to earth and carefully fashioned a piece of clay. He lifted it gently to His lips and breathed into it. The clay began to move. It began to think. It began to feel. It began to worship. It was alive and stamped with the image of its Creator.

We were made in the image of God – an imprint if you like. Our natural tendency is to imitate our Creator. Next time you look at a painting or read a great novel or listen to beautiful music know that it is nothing more than the manifestation of the imprint of the Great Creator. Someone somewhere designed the chair you are sitting on now and he/she did nothing more than to show the tiniest reflection of that which God did at the very beginning. Look again at creation (human creation and God’s creation) and see infinite depth in the creativity of an amazing God.

In Christ Alone, Owl City


Owl City covers In Christ Alone (Keith Getty & Stuart Townend)