When the Doors Open

Reading a recent blog post by Tim Challies made me think about the wedding we are attending this weekend. Something most Christians know is that marriage, as institution, reflects the unconditional love of Christ for His bride, the church. What we then forget to do is to take it just that one step further and see the reflection of this in the ceremony. We forget to see the smile the groom’s face, as the bride approaches, as testimony to the smile on Christ’s face He looks upon His bride. Tim Challies does a great job to remind us of this:

Now here’s the tip: When those doors open, steal a quick glance at the groom. I know the bride is the star of the show and you don’t want to miss her, but it’s okay to look to the front of the church for just a moment. The more I read and understand Ephesians 5:22-33 and the more I come to grasp the deepest meaning of marriage, the more I find myself not wanting to miss what happens at the front of the room. Because in that moment the groom is just a small picture, a dim reflection, of the love Jesus Christ has for his bride, the church.

There is nothing quite like the expression on a groom’s face when his bride appears before him. There is joy there. There is delight and desire and such love. There is the knowledge that his longing for a bride is being fulfilled and that she will soon be his, that in just moments they will be united together forever.

This is only an excerpt form the post, follow the link to read the entire post.


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