Contrast =

Have you ever thought about the meaning of (your) life and, before long, ended up feeling insignificant? A feeling that forms when considering yourself with shortcomings, with limited abilities and a short-lived mundane existence leading to nothing more than remains scattered in the wind. Fantastic! 

Consider God in contrast to this and then consider that He invites us to be His children, to be brothers and sisters of His son. We are all of the dreary things mentioned above – we have little meaning, but.. God stooped down and gave us identity, He gave us meaning and holds us in His hand giving us rest from this fleeting reality.

Next time you are awakened to the bleak reality of our existence, be thankful! Then seek to find solace in the contrast of now with the identity found in a holy loving God!

“In Otto’s study of the human experience of the holy, he discovered that the clearest sensation that human beings have when they experience the holy is an overpowering and overwhelming sense of creatureliness. That is,

    • when we are aware of the presence of God, we become most aware of ourselves as creatures.
    • When we meet the Absolute, we know immediately that we are not absolute.
    • When we meet the Infinite, we become acutely conscious that we are finite.
    • When we meet the Eternal, we know we are temporal.

To meet God is a powerful study in contrasts.”

-The Holiness of God, RC Sproul. (formatting added)


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