Valentine & Aliens (1 Day Late / 364.25 Days Early)

Ever tried explaining love to an alien? Well, I haven’t but if you have how did it go? Valentine’s day might be a good day to invite said alien to earth to show some of what love constitutes. The alien would see people giving without expecting something in return (that is for the anonymous Valentiners). There would be hearts everywhere and balloons and roses and all this would be dimly lit with candles surrounded the smell of rose-lavender-romance-extract incense.

How do I see Valentine’s? I see it as just another day with an emphasis on conveying appreciation. What I do experience as something worth thinking about is the red hearts that we see everywhere. Why hearts and why red? For an explanation I turn to the son of Buzi, a fellow by the name of Ezekiel who was a prophet a while back. In his book he often said: “Thus says the Lord..” and proceeded to scold but also give hope for the nation of Israel who found themselves in a bad space. In this one part he says “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.”  and here I find what I believe lies behind the red (flesh) heart.

How does this influence the way I spend my Valentine’s with the fiancée? I think of her as a gift. In the light of the red heart of Valentine’s representing the new living heart that is a gift from God so do I see her as a gift. Not in a way that she now belongs to me but in the light of God inventing marriage and love and giving it to us as a gift.

If you are in a relationship give it a try: Turn to the one holding your hand or sitting next to you and think of him/her as something that God gives that you don’t deserve. If you are not in a relationship: Turn to your friends or your family and see the camaraderie and love between you as a gift, as something that God orchestrated without you deserving it. Lastly think of a man called Jesus who gave himself (the infinite Creator and Sustainer)  to provide something no one deserves.

Quick Note: Me and the fiancée decided to move Valentine’s one day later due to circumstances. Thus you might find that, for you, this blog is either 1 day late or 364,25 days early.


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