The Circle of (gospel) Life

Bukavu, DRC

The start of a new year is a great time for reflection. Sometimes as we look back at the effort that has gone into the past 365 days, ‘victory’ is not always the first word that comes to mind – especially as we consider our efforts to make every day count, for eternity.

But that is exactly why this time of the year is so valuable. It allows us to step back and see the big picture of the change brought about by God in both ourselves, but also in others around us – the kind of things we miss in the chaos of the battle.

Back in 2005, I was part of student ministry on a small little campus in Midrand. I remember clearly how lame it (I!) felt. Few people attended and even those that came were irregular. I left there at the end of the year wondering whether it wasn’t somewhat of a waste of good time and energy.

But one man there came to understand that Jesus is God. A good God. A God that died, for him. A God worth dying for.

Long story short, Nicolas completed his M.Sc at Tuks at the end of 2011 and in December returned to his home town of Bukava in the Eastern DRC. To plant a church. To tell others, in a fumbling, unspectacular fashion, about his Jesus.

He gave up sweet offers to earn decent money in a significantly more comfortable setting. But he gets the gospel. It gives us everything. But demands our everything.

And so the story continues. It’s victory, but not in the way we would’ve written the story.

Of course, it’s good it’s not ours to write. It’s exactly that which guarantees 2012 will be a great year! In the real sense of the word. In Bukavu. In Pretoria!

(Here’s Nicolas’ first letter after his arrival back home, in case you’re interested)


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