Theology Shmeology.. Love It!

Theology seems to be a bit unpopular these days. The idea that there is an absolute truth – as revealed in the Word of God – stands opposed to the postmodernist (objective truth) era in which we find ourselves. The mindset of objective truth is one popular in our culture and just the thought of someone telling someone else that they are wrong is seen as nothing more than a demonstration of self-righteousnous. This is especially true when it comes to religion! Oftentimes a church unashamedly teaching uncompromising theology is seen as archaic, legalistic and not seeker friendly. So why should we love theology?

Kevin DeYoung argues that the longing and pursuit of sound theology should be characteristic and central to the fibre of a God-glorifying church. Here are some of the reasons that Kevin DeYoung mentions (in his blog post Why We Must Be Unapologetically Theological) regarding the importance of being unapologetically theological:

  1. God has revealed himself to us in his word and given us his Spirit that we might understand the truth.
  2. The New Testament places a high value on discerning truth from error.
  3. The ethical commands of the New Testament are predicated on theological propositions.
  4. Theological categories enable us to more fully and more deeply rejoice in God’s glory.
  5. Theology helps us more fully and more deeply rejoice in the blessings that are ours in Christ.
  6. Even (or is it especially?) non-Christians need good theology.

Some pursue theological knowledge as nothing more than an intellectual exercise thus missing the whole point. We should not become arrogant  with our “superior” theology. The idea is not to recite all Jonathan Edwards’ Resolutions or read Calvin’s Institutes every year just to impress your friends or church leader. The idea is to study theology to grow in your knowledge of God and the implications of that knowledge will not lead to forums of debate but to you serving God and sharing Jesus.

The truth is that there is an absolute truth and theology (def. the study of God) is the place where we find not only this absolute truth but also where we learn more of God as He has revealed Himself to us in the Bible. We should love studying God!


One Response to Theology Shmeology.. Love It!

  1. Erick Visser says:

    Ek dink dis ‘n goeie punt wat gemaak word. Stem saam dat ‘n sterk teologiese kennis belangrik is, maar dink die manier hoe mens mens met ‘n “objective truth” benader is baie belangrik… Dit moet wees uit liefde en om jou broer (of suster) te help, nie om jou eie toeter te blaas nie…
    Maar like die stuk…Thanks.

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