It’s all about Jesus

“Rap”musiek mag dalk nie jou ‘koppie tee’ wees nie, maar hierdie lied – “It’s all about Jesus” is baie cool. Die ding wat die lied ekstra spesiaal maak is die ou wat hier “rap” en wat die lied geskryf het. Tsikwe Molobye is ‘n 26 jarige Suid Afrikaner wat sy musikale gawes gebruik om die evangelie op ‘n baie strategiese manier te verkondig. En Tsikwe ken regtig sy storie – Hy is nie net n begaafde “rapper” nie, maar ook ‘n ernstige student van die Bybel. Tsikwe is ‘n finale jaar teologiese student, asook een van die pastore van City Baptist Church in Pretoria.

Mag God nog baie ouens soos Tsikwe oprig om die storie van Jesus in vars en kreatiwe maniere in Pretoria te kommunikeer!

Kliek hier om na die lied te luister.

It’s all about Jesus

I dont come to you as the greatest rapper

Not the illest story teller

man, I used to sip on sin like its H2O

eyo, job15:16 describes the old me

1 peter2:9-10…now thats who I be

by God’s grace and for His glory only

He stooped into this land to purge this sin within me

now i’m fresh and clean

man its not all me

I deserve to be crushed like sebokolodi

now please dont think i’m being pessimistic

or I serve a God who Is soo sadistic

trully i’m being realistic

if God is trully Holy then His gotta be angry

look how we spit in his face

when we pour down his grace

when we twist his truth

we mock his bible

but one thing for sure,he is trully coming back,he is gonna crack the sky like an eggshell

now everybody sing with me!


Ah,huh ah ah

huh ah ah (x4)

And its all about Jesus

Jesus (x7)

Yo its amazing, mind blazing

He is never changing

still saving a people who against Him are still beafin

patient, singing “prodical, i’m still waiting, there is a big feast, dont worry about the cost I paid it”

It’s a mystery it’s soo beyond me

you are creating life in me

though I was born a zondie

waking me from my moral slumber

in the mornig of my regeneration

now i’m waiting on you like A.W.Tozer

and sending marching orders like Corrie ten bom


I didnt expect this, the gospel just blew up all the plans of this sick kid

Rocked the foundations of my world and then cement it

with The Rock that contineus to rock the nations

your face is the goal that we wanna just gaze in

though I was twisted, sin-sick, puke provokin

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