Rob Bell/Universalism/Hell in TIME Magazine

TIME Magazine’s newest front page story:

What if There’s No Hell?

As I am typing this Don Carson is giving a TGC lecture on the subject. Here is what Justin Taylor, put on his blog:

“Carson, talking about the view of atonement expressed in manipulative way, says this is the most painful thing about his representation: “I saw it with respect, I say it with brokenness, but it is blasphemous.” He also says to universalists, “We don’t mind if you say demeaning things about us—but I beg of you, don’t say demeaning things about the cross.””


3 Responses to Rob Bell/Universalism/Hell in TIME Magazine

  1. Tobie Meyer says:

    From the Time article:
    “Still, the dominant view of the righteous in heaven and the damned in hell owes more to the artistic legacy of the West, from Michelangelo to Dante to Blake, than it does to history or to unambiguous biblical teaching.” C’mon Time!

  2. Cobus van Rooy says:

    My thoughts exactly.

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