Minder (lees) is Meer

As ons al die boeke lees wat aanbeveel word deur vriende, die internet en ander invloede neem mens rerig die waardevolle inhoud in? ‘n Stuk uit John Piper se boek Brothers, We Are Not Professionals (Let veral op die aanhaling van Spurgeon):

“I [do not] want to give the impression that I think there is virtue in reading many books. In fact one of my greatest complaints in seminary was that professors trained students in bad habits of superficial reading because they assigned too many books. I agree with Spurgeon: “A student will find that his mental constitution is more affected by one book thoroughly mastered than by twenty books which he has merely skimmed, lapping at them.”

God save us from the allurement of “keeping up with Pastor Jones” by superficial skimming. Forget about “keeping up.” It only feeds pride and breeds spiritual barrenness. Instead devote yourself to boring in and going deep. There is so much soul-refreshing, heart-deepening, mind-enlarging truth to be had from great books!”

Vanuit The Benefit of Reading Less


2 Responses to Minder (lees) is Meer

  1. aj gatley says:

    eina! sal help dat ek nie my bib so opbou nie 🙂

  2. Willem says:

    Baie Waar! Dankie vir die, ek het nodig gehad om dit te hoor!

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