Woolworths debat

Almal gooi hulle speelgoed uit die kot oor Woolworths se besluit om Christelike tydksrifte te verban uit hulle winkels. Die debat heers op News24, Twitter en Facebook.

Lees die berig.

Hier is kommentaar wat verskein onder die berig op News24:

Christian Abroad:
“Reading some of the comments on this forum it is really sad to see just how badly South Africa has fallen as a nation. It started in the schools and now permeates through to business. Without THE LORD, nothing can hold back the enemy. South Africa, you are falling into the worldwide trap of ignorance and to remove these magazines is simply stupid. Is that what South Africa is filled with now…stupid people (atheists!)? Point to note….this also is the start of cultural communism. Woolworths are signing their own death sentence. Watch what happens in the future South Africa…we used to be a great CHRISTIAN nation and now we have a few atheists running around trying to tear things down…is that what makes a better world? You people are so lost. We are praying for you South Africa because we can already see the distater on the way.”

“AWESOME!!! IM GOING TO GO BUY LUNCH AT WOOLIE TODAY!!! This is no place for cosmic zombie jews and draconian dogmatic voodoo”

Is die ‘n rede om Woolworths te boycott? In die berig, op IOL, word die versoeke van kerke, radio stasies, tydskrifte en tv-programme om Woolworths te boycott gerig aan alle Christene.

Wat sal reaksie vanaf Christene maak aan die persepsie van mense wat nie-Christene is?

So wat is jou opinie?


One Response to Woolworths debat

  1. Tobie Meyer says:

    Sien nou net Woolworths het hulle deuntjie verander…

    Sit en lees op die oomblik in M Horton se ‘Christless Christianity’ ‘n gedeelte wat my baie laat dink aan die woedende teenkanting van baie teen Woolworths se aanvanklike besluit. Hierdie is wel nie Amerika nie, maar geld dieselfde dalk hier…?

    “I do not think we realize the extent of our schizophrenia: annually decrying the commercialization of Christmas by the culture while we assume a consumer-product-sales approach in our own churches every week. We lament the growing secularization of American society while we ensure that the generations currently under our care will know even less than their parents and be less shaped by the covenantal nurture that sustains life in Christ over generations. While calling our capitulation to a narcissistic culture mission and relevance, we charge secularists with emptying public discourse of beliefs and values that transcend our instant gratification.

    While we take Christ’s name in vain for our own causes and positions, trivializing his Word in all sorts of ways, we express outrage when a movie trivializes Christ or depicts Christians in a negative light. Although professing Christians are in the majority, we often like to pretend we are a persecuted flock being prepared for an imminent slaughter through the combined energies of Hollywood and the Democratic Party. But if we ever were really persecuted, would it be because of our offensive posturing and self-righteousness or because we would not weaken the offense of the cross? In my experience, substantiated by countless stories of others, believers who challenge the human-centered process of trivializing the faith are more likely to be persecuted—or at least viewed as troublesome—by their church. My concern is not that God is treated so lightly in American culture but that he is not taken seriously in our own faith and practice.”

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