Kop VS Hart

Almal ervaar geloof anders, aan die een kant van die spektrum is daar mense wat God ervaar slegs uit n baie emosionele oogpunt en ander ekstreem ‘n alleenlik intellektuele ervaring. Almal val iewers tussen die twee. Ek, vir een, is afkomstig vanaf die dopper garde (die Gereformeerde span); baie konservatief en baie teologies. Dis nie ‘n slegte ding nie, maar maak dit nie soms dat mens nie God se liefde ervaar nie?

    John Piper se nuwe boek Think spreek die onderwerp aan – hoe ons miskien in verstand God dien, maar nie in ons harte nie en vice versa.

    Vir die wat die naweek gaan kyk het na John Piper by Rezulotion in Sandton sal weet die man het maar net ‘n manier om baie moeilike (om te verstaan en te sluk) konsepte oor te dra. Ek het baie respek vir die manier wat hy oor emosies kan praat sonder om daarmee te speel.

    ‘n Stuk uit die boek:

    “For many people the work of the head and the overflow of the heart are at odds. Thinking and feeling are like oil and water; they repulse each other.

    Whatever the reason for this tension that exists in so many people, my own experience, my awareness of the experience of others in history, and my understanding of the Bible teach me that it is neither a necessary tension nor a healthy one, at least not to the degree that most people experience it. My goal is to help us all become the kind of folk for whom sound thinking kindles deep feeling and for whom deep feeling motivates sound thinking. Most of the opposition we feel between the heart and the head is, I think, due to learned behavior patterns which do not necessarily result from the nature of our emotions or our thought. We have been warned so often about not becoming a cold intellectual that we have trouble imagining the possibility of intellect that lights fires instead of putting them out. Or on the other side we have been taught to be so wary of fanatic emotionalism that we can scarcely believe that a tear in someone’s eye might be coming from a holy syllogism instead of a pathological passion.

    God has given us minds and demanded that we use them in understanding and applying his Word. And God has given us emotions which are equally essential and which he has commanded to be vigorously engaged in his service.

    If we neglect the mind we will drift into all sorts of doctrinal error and dishonor God who wills to be known as he is. And if we neglect the heart we will be dead while we yet live no matter how right our creed is. “This people honors me with their lips but their heart is far from me.” So my goal for us is that we put together what so many keep apart to their own hurt. Let us be clear in our heads and warm in our hearts. Let us feel with all our might and think with all our might.”

    Sien die oorspronklike berig hier.

    Koop die boek hier.


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